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Knitting together Robotics and AI/ML technologies in a Strategic fashion that can Automate your processes and aid lights out factory with our Industry 4.0 ready Products.


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A Complete Product and Solution Suite for your Operations

We provide complete end-to-end solutions for the Smart Industry and Automation. Our AI-Based Product Suite offers an Automated processing capability for reverse logistics. With our strong expertise and value-added services support, we cater to Concept, Design, Mechanical & Electric Integration, and Execution, ensuring customer satisfaction.


World’s most advanced Cosmetic Grading Machine for Cell Phones and Tablets

SCM Insight

Cleaning robot for cell phones to remove Smudges, Dust & Lint

Remote Tracking of Operations by Collecting Information on the Edge


Fully Automated Testing and Inspection of Infotainment Devices and Cell Phones


AI-based Visual Inspection of Gears, Camshafts, and other Components


Advanced Vehicle Traffic Monitoring with the Power of Smart Vision

Automation Services to Optimize your Factory Operations

Our Robotic Automation Services for lights-out factory operations will free your time to focus on your strategic initiatives and save manual labor and other costs on your operations. Our solutions are customized to your needs.

Automate the pick and place solutions and let the machines and software take care of the repetitive tasks. Using 6-axis robotic arms, moving across multiple plains, we provide accurate and efficient pick-and-place solutions. Our AI-based advanced vision processing systems are programmed to identify object orientation and correct the gripper coordinates for smooth picking. Robotic arms guide the objects to destination points

Use AI-based Vision Inspection to improve Quality Throughput

Automate Gluing for Reliable, Repeatable, and Improved Quality

Automate the process of making Products ready for Distribution and Delivery

Robotic Arms, Grippers and AI-based Software to prepare Packages & Pallets

Why Griffyn’s Robotics and Industry Automation Solutions


Griffyn’s Innovation-driven products and solutions keep us on the top of the Industry 4.0 products cycle.


We bring automation in Reverse Logistics, Visual Inspection, and Robotic Testing to improve your supply chain efficiency, reduce cost and minimize manual errors.


AI/ML and Vision Processing act as a catalyst for our products that simplify processes and save costs in Reverse Logistics Industry.

Smart Factory

Bring together an innovation-driven by AI/ML and robotics for lights out operations of your distribution or collection centers.

Let us help you turn those returns into revenue!