A Cleaning Robot for Smartphones to Remove Smudges, Dust, and Lint

DEEPCLEAN uses Deep Learning algorithms for objective cleaning of smartphones and other mobile devices.

Manual cleaning and inspection are subjective, error prone, and time consuming. It is not suitable for large quantities of phones to be cleaned


DEEPCLEAN provides a Robust Inspection and Cleaning System

Providing end-user more accuracy and flexibility in cleaning operation and objective cleaning features. Fitted in a compact housing, DEEPCLEAN is an entirely automated, deep learning-based robot that communicates through ethernet.
Deepclean Smudges, Dust, and Lunt
Phones with smudges or patches may result in incorrect cosmetic grading, thereby reducing the value of an otherwise good item. The DEEPCLEAN automates the cleaning process and can work at the speed of one device in a minute.


Use a standalone table-top version or a fully automated production version with multiple units working in synchronized mode with robotic loading and unloading.

Fully Automatic

Automatic flipping, cleaning, and image capturing.

Fast and Accurate

Uses industrial-grade cleaning solutions and fabric for fast and accurate processing.

Sophisticated Cleaning logic

Cleaning grade and image data stored on the cloud.


Optimizing Reverse Logistics Supply Chain

Slashing product return times becomes a priority without conceding the value of the business. The position of transportation, planning, returns management, and warehouse optimization is critical to achieve this. Only this way will it be possible to manage returns quickly and efficiently. Automation in the reverse logistics supply chain helps in maximising asset utilisation and recovery. It also has the benefit of removing manual steps performed, which surely saves time, but also reduces the chance for errors. While not every step of a reverse logistics process can be automated, taking steps to automate the ones that can; will help improve accuracy and speed returns.


Automation in the reverse logistics supply chain maximizes asset utilization and recovery, reduces manual errors, and saves time.

Let us help you optimize your factory operations!

Let us help you optimize your factory operations!