Why is Cosmetic Grading Important?

Cosmetic Grading

The importance of mobile phones has grown by leaps and bounds in the past decade. Their scope has expanded beyond just communication devices. They have become a source of entertainment, store of information, and expression of lifestyle. Because of this, the demand for refurbished or second-hand devices has grown tremendously. Many businesses have been set up which deals either exclusively or in a large volume in refurbished or second-hand mobile phones.

As an owner of such a business, you know that these devices are different in quality. To ensure profitability, customer satisfaction continued business, and delivering overall value, it is essential to price refurbished or second-hand products correctly. This is where cosmetic grading helps.

Cosmetic grading for mobile devices refers to the process of granting a grade to the physical state and functional capability of such devices. Usually, this is a letter grade that represents the quality of a second-hand or refurbished phone or tablet. Nowadays, some machines conduct this process. Cosmetic grading is important for the following reasons:

Eliminates human error –

Operators grade the devices manually. This is far from being a streamlined process; it can come across as arbitrary and unreliable. Mechanized cosmetic grading eliminates this error because of pre-setting standards. Further, while distraction and fatigue might hinder a person’s abilities, it does not do so to a machine.

Standardization and flexibility –

Graded devices have to meet specified standards like those set out by CTIA. Cosmetic grading by machines offers the flexibility of choosing the degree of stringency to be followed for these standards. While a person may find it challenging to adapt to different standards, a grading machine would have no problems with this aspect.

Delivering enhanced value –

The second-hand market is driven by the value delivered to customers. At the same time, a business operating in this arena wants to remain profitable. Both can be attained by cosmetic grading. While the customer will get a device at the desired price point, the business will be saved from mispricing them and hurting its topline.

If you are an owner of such a business or want to delve into it, Griffyn Robotech’s DEEPSIGHT is an excellent cosmetic grading machine for you. It is the world’s most advanced cosmetic grading machine for cellular phones. It can be easily configured to the standards buyers and sellers want to follow and is a fast and accurate way to analyze surface defects. Your business can receive a boost by deploying this machine for the cosmetic grading of devices.

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